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As a confection company, we're especially proud to have a short ingredient list, comprised of ingredients that you actually feel good about eating! We exclusively use premium ingredients selected for their pure flavor and outstanding quality. We don't use anything weird, unpronouncable, or artificially anything-ed. We even forgo corn syrup.

To find just the right ingredients, we work directly with independent businesses and, where applicable, choose ingredients that are certified organic and/or GMO-free. But more than any specific certification or mile-radius, we aim to source from conscientious businesses that share our commitment to making a clean, responsible product.

We use:
  • non-GMO popcorn, freshly popped for each batch of caramel popcorn in organic coconut oil
  • Profoundly rich and flavorful European-style butter from New England
  • Pure cane sugar only. No corn syrup here!
  • Genuine sea salt harvested from the North Shore by Atlantic Saltworks-- very cool company, check 'em out!
  • Premium nuts, freshly roasted and caramelized to intensify their nutty-richness
  • Exquisite chocolate from Valrhona and Taza Chocolate