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What makes your caramel popcorn special?
At Ava's Caramel Popcorn, we elevate caramel popcorn from casual snack to "fine dining" caramel popcorn experience. Our insanely rich, hand-stirred caramel and elegant flavor combinations (featuring award winning chocolate and caramelized nuts) make our popcorns a true artisan confection. The fact that they're made fresh-to-order, just for you, means that you get to enjoy the ultimate in a freshly prepared, sweet-salty-crunchy-delicious product. Read more about our process.

Do you have a retail store? Where can I find your popcorn?
We don't have a retail store at this time, but you can find our popcorn at the following wonderful locations. Or you can order from us online for popcorn handmade fresh-to-order just for you!

How should I store my popcorn and what is its shelf-life?
We recommend digging in to your caramel popcorn right away to enjoy it at its crispest, freshest, fullest-flavor best. As we use only pure, highest-quality ingredients -- no preservatives or corn syrup -- our caramel popcorn does not last as long as commercially-produced caramel popcorn you may be familiar with. Unopened popcorn will remain at peak freshness for about 4-5 weeks in winter, 3 weeks in summer. Once you open your popcorn, please store the opened bag in an air-tight container to prolong freshness (or just eat it all right away :) ). For maximum shelf-life, store out of direct sunlight and in cool and dry conditions (but do not refrigerate).

What allergens do your products contain?
Each product label (both on the package and on this website) lists ingredients and allergens specific to that product. In general, we make direct use of dairy/milk, peanuts, tree nuts, organic soy, coconut, and barley (in our milk chocolate). While not present in our products, we operate in a kitchen facility that also handles eggs and wheat.

Are your products gluten free?
If you a have a serious allergy or intolerance to gluten, we sadly must recommend that you avoid our products, as they are produced in a shared kitchen facility that handles wheat/gluten.  We also must advise you that our milk chocolate flavors contain barley malt extract.  All of our dark chocolate flavors, plus flavors containing no chocolate whatsoever, are naturally occurring without wheat/gluten, but, again, are made in a shared kitchen facility that handles wheat/gluten. 

Do you make any dairy-free or vegan products?
Not at this time, but please drop us a line at with your interest and we'll notify you when/if we add it to our product line.

Are your products organic? Is your chocolate Fair Trade? What about GMOs?
We share your concerns about ingredient sourcing and try to make the most responsible choices we can as a small business. We use certified organic and Fair Trade chocolate. The corn in our popcorn and soy (lecithin) in our chocolate are both verified GMO-free. You can read more about our ingredients here. ​

Can I buy a gift card?
Yes! Please email us at or call ​617-775-1242​ to place your order.

Other Questions?
Please contact us at