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Forget the stuff in the tins


The Freshness:  Each and every batch of caramel popcorn is prepared fresh-to-order for maximum crunch and fullest flavor, straight from our kitchen to you. We don't have any popcorn that's been sitting in a tin for 6 months! ​

The Flavor:  Our from-scratch caramel sauce -- comprised of European-style cultured butter, pure cane sugar (no corn syrup here!), fragrant vanilla, and genuine sea salt -- is slowly simmered to develop intense caramel flavor with a rich buttery finish. This luscious sauce is draped over freshly-popped popcorn to create thick clusters that explode with flavor.

The Innovation: Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn is just the beginning. Inspired flavor combinations make extravagant use of the finest chocolate, freshly roasted nuts, and creative ingredients that elevate caramel popcorn from a casual snack to a true artisan confection.

Ava VatskyProprietor and Confectioner Ava Vatsky grew up eating  outstanding caramel popcorn, thanks to frequent care packages  mailed to her from her grandparents in the the Midwest (a region  that is home to particularly ardent fans of caramel popcorn, or "caramel corn").  Ava's life-long devotion to fine confections and artisan foods - spawning a multifaceted career in the food industry, from boutique bakery manager to personal chef to apprentice at the nationally renowned EHChocolatier of Somerville, MA- inspired her to recreate the same complex caramel flavor that she craves from childhood. And once she started, she couldn't stop.  Working from her master recipe for Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn, Ava created an innovative line of flavors showcasing the irresistible combination of caramel, chocolate, and nuts.